About Us

06102013005_thumb.jpgHe is a seasoned aquaculturist and certified educationist as well. He has, together with his team of professionals, constructed lots of fish farms across the country. His passion for the profession stands him out as he is always in the field doing what he knows best: empowering Nigerians through fish farming.

As an educationist, he is a well known and sought after figure as he has held seminars, workshops and trainings on fish farming for many schools, religious bodies and corporate organisations.To the glory of God, he is the brain behind this project, Fisheries Maestro.

He is an authority wherever the word, “aquaculture” is mentioned. With his wealth of experience and outstanding credentials, he serves as the grand patron of the Fisheries Maestro. He graciously offers the team his latest publications and on-going research works in the field. You will find some of his numerous publications in our “Articles Section”. Likewise, in our “Interview section”, you will get to hear directly from him. Prof, it is our pleasure and honour to have you on board.

He is dependable ally of the Fisheries Maestro. He adds colour and depth to our seminars, workshops and trainings. As an expert in Animal production, he offers his invaluable services to the team in fish cum animal farm construction. He also serves as a facilitator and trainer in our seminars and workshops. Some of the articles in the Poultry Section of this site are his contributions.

EbukaHe is a graduate of Fisheries  from the University of Benin. Currently works as a Fisheries Officer with the Ministry of Agriculture, Anambra state.

With his vast experience and constructive engagements with fish farmers in the state, he furnishes the team with up-to-date information on the positive developments as well as challenges faced by farmers in the state. He also serves as a facilitator and trainer in our seminars and workshops.

IkechukwuHe is a successful and vibrant fish farmer. A young entrepreneur whose life has been totally changed for good through fish farming. You need to listen to him recap his journey into fish farming and how he has made fortunes from it. His stories have always been motivating and thrilling to participants in our seminars and workshops. His farm “Thinkers Corner” is located in Aguluzigbo, Anaocha L.G.A, Anambra state. He produces table-size fish, fingerlings as well as fish feeds